Why Moving2Live

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Moving2Live is a podcast about movement and exercise.  We bring you interviews with professionals in the movement and exercise field.  The goal is to provide information for other professionals, and also for amateur aficionados- people who understand that movement, is part of what makes life complete.

Some of the people we interview you will have heard of…they are well known in and out of the movement and exercise profession.  Other professionals you haven’t heard of, but they have a great deal of knowledge to share.  Many people doing the great work spend their time working with people, not working on their social media presence.  We are going to give you the chance to learn from some of these talented individuals, and we are going to learn along with you.

Moving2Live podcasts are short- each interview will be long enough to impart usable info, but short enough to be able to be consumed during your commute, workout or during dinner prep.  We all like long form interviews, but time is valuable.  Moving2Live wants to give you the option to learn and be entertained without needing to commit to 45+ minutes for each interview.

Give Moving2Live a listen, and check out our sister podcast FitLabPGH. It highlights people, locally owned businesses and events in the Pittsburgh, PA area that understand that movement is part of what makes your life complete.

(click on the red and white logo at the top for the podcasts and blog posts)