Podcast: Cycletique, Lisa Lutheran and Deanna Bucy

Cycletique (in the words of owners Lisa Lutheran and Deanna Bucy) is “a high energy indoor cycling studio dedicated to a healthier you.  It’s our mission that you feel welcomed and comfortable when you walk in and positively energized when you leave.  Sit where you like.  Ask us questions.  Forgot your water? We’ll hook you up.   With us, you aren’t just getting cycling until your legs fall off – you’re joining a community that encourages growth and a positive lifestyle.  Through your experience here, we hope that you will leave feeling accomplished and ready to pass on those positive vibes.”
Show Notes:
Lisa Lutheran and Deanna Bucy, Owners, Cycletique, contact info:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cycletique
Twitter: @cycletique
Instagram: @cycletique
Links mentioned in the Podcast:Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Certification
Cycling Fusion Instructor Certification
Dona Jo Fit Wear, Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Fresh Meal Delivery and Catering Co.


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