Podcast: Wolfpack Boxing- Jeff Mucci

Jeff Mucci is owner of and head trainer at Wolfpack Boxing Club. Jeff has been involved in amateur boxing and martial arts since 1990 including studying Muay Tai, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and USA Boxing in State College, PA. Coach Jeff has been with Wolfpack Boxing Club as a coach since 2009 and took over ownership in 2012. Coach Jeff has committed himself to the betterment of his students through the art/science of boxing. Coach is a former Regional Golden Gloves champion (undefeated) and still spars with his students regularly.
Coach Jeff’s approach to coaching is very hands-on, analytical, and comprehensive (no trendy boxing training gimmicks here!).  His ability to tailor his coaching methods to his students as well his keen attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate have enabled Coach to produce 8 Golden Gloves champions, 2 Silver Gloves Champions and 3 Master’s Division World Champion (Ringside Masters Tournament, Sonny’s International Master’s Tourney and Gleason’s Master’s World Championship) in the past 3 years alone.  Wolfpack Boxing Club’s focus is solely on Amateur boxing and teaching the “Sweet Science” to all skill levels (beginner to competition). We are not a competition-focused club (3% of our members compete).
Coach Jeff is not only an experienced boxer, Certified Rock Steady Boxing Instructor and Level 2 USA Boxing certified coach, but he also holds a Masters degree in business (MBA). Coach Jeff is also a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.  Favorite fighters: Speed: Manny Pacquiao, Power: Mike Tyson, Defense: James Toney/Pernell Whitaker.
Show Notes:
Jeff Mucci, Owner, Wolfpack Boxing Club, Carnegie, PA, contact info:
Email: info@wolfpackboxing.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WolfpackBoxingClub
Instagram: @wolfpackboxingclub
Location: 1000 Gregg St. (at the end of Hammond St.), Carnegie, PA 15106
Telephone: 412-335-2419
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Wounded Warrior Project
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