Podcast: Ascend- Paul, Alex and Aaron

Ascend Pittsburgh (opening March 2017 in Pittsburgh’s South Side Flats neighborhood) is an indoor rock climbing facility. They offer climbing, fitness, yoga, classes, group events, memberships, and other services. Ascend’s retail shop will provide climbers of all abilities with a wide variety of climbing gear.  Ascend’s Vision (in their own words): We strive to provide the best climbing and fitness experience for our customers. From excellent equipment to knowledgeable staff, our gym will be a top-notch operation. The space will be one that fosters community and belonging, by being more than just a climbing gym: it’s a “third place” where customers can feel just as comfortable as they do at their workplace and their home, and where our customers want to simply be.
As a group of climbers that decided to start a gym, our values reflect a down-to-earth and authentic quality. Our gym is an extension of our love of a good day of climbing with a group of our closest friends that ends with storytelling around a campfire.
We are committed to an active lifestyle. We realize that all around fitness is key to climbing well, which is why we nurture activities like yoga, cross-training, and cardio, and promote smart nutrition and ample rest within our gym and community.
Meet the Ascend Pittsburgh Team
In 2011, Alex, Paul, and Aaron took their climbing partnerships to the next level by joining forces to build a new climbing gym in Pittsburgh, PA. At the time, picking suitable careers was proving to be difficult and we all recognized the need for someone to take Pittsburgh’s climbing scene to the next level. And just like that, the concept of ASCEND was born. To us, it was a perfect union worth devoting our lives to.
Over the years, we gradually learned how to turn our aspirations into a functioning project capable of being integrated into the local business environment. While our initial vision has morphed, we’ve never strayed from our ultimate goal of staying closely connected to the climbing community and help improve upon the foundation our predecessors so graciously provided.
We may not be sponsored athletes or industry veterans, but we’ve put our hearts, brains, and sweat into building ASCEND. We are dedicated, here to stay, and climbers for life. To learn more about the Ascend Pittsburgh team, go to their website, https://www.ascendpgh.com
Show Notes:
Ascend founders, Alex Bernstein, Paul Guarino and Aaron Gilmore
contact info:
e-mail: info@ascendpgh.com
website: https://www.ascendpgh.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AscendPittsburgh/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AscendPgh
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ascendpgh/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Ascendpgh
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