Podcast #08-17-Sam Callan- USA Fencing & Smarter Coaching, LLC part 2

Sam Callan has a diverse background with a master’s degree in exercise science (Georgia State University) along with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (University of Georgia) and a master’s degree in counseling and higher education administration (Appalachian State University).  While in graduate school, Sam completed an internship with Jeff Galloway.  Part of his internship involved coaching Jeff’s “advanced” runners; these were runners who were seeking time goals such as qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  After finishing graduate school at Georgia State, Sam worked as a research assistant physiologist at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  He later moved to USA Cycling as its sports science manager and later in charge of coaching education.  While in Colorado Springs, Sam began coaching again with the Arthritis Foundation Joints in Motion marathon training program.  He also has worked as a coach for USA Fit (Houston, TX) and with many individuals.  Sam combines his knowledge as a long time runner with his knowledge of science and many years of educating coaches in a variety of sports to help runners reach their goals.  Sam is currently the Senior Manager of Coaching Education for USA Fencing.

Sam has the following credentials:
-USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach
–National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist
—NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Show Notes:
 Sam Callan, , contact info:
Websites: www.smartercoachingllc.com

E-mail: smartercoachingllc@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/smartercoaching

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samcallan

Links mentioned in the Podcast (Part 2):
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Steve Johnson, PhD, Professor, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Former CEO of USA Cycling

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Barney King, USA Cycling Coach, Phoenix, AZ

Randy Wilber, Ph.D. Senior Sport Physiologist, United States Olympic Committee (USOC)

Dartfish- Performance analysis software for sport, education and healthcare environments.

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