Podcast #11-18 Dr Gary Chimes Lake Washington Sports and Spine part 2

Dr. Gary Chimes (in his own words): I am a sports medicine physician who works in Bellevue, Washington.   My area of focus is KPA – Keeping People Active.  In my former life, I worked in academic medicine as an MD/PhD, where I taught residents and trained fellows while seeing patients.  In my late 30s, I made the shift into private clinical practice so that I could focus more on my own health and also prioritize the needs of my patients more precisely.  I love to focus on Health Optimization, which at its heart recognizes that time is a limiting factor when prioritizing your health, so I help educate patients in developing both strategies and tactics in making optimal health decisions to meet their activity goals.  To learn more about Dr. Chimes, his clinical partner, Dr. Garrett Hyman, and their medical practice, visit www.lakewass.com

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Show Notes:
Gary P. Chimes, MD, PhD, contact info:

E-mail: gchimes@lakewass.com

Lake Washington Sports & Spine: www.lakewass.com

Drs. Hyman & Chimes Health Optimization Program:

Podcast – Drs. Chimes & Hyman, and Laura Cassidy:




Links mentioned in the Podcast (Part 2):
Dr. Justin Berthold

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ActivAided Orthotics- Back brace developed by Kelly Collier and Dr. Gary Chimes

Anthony Delitto, PhD, PT, FAPTA- Dean, School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS), University of Pittsburgh

McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT)- The McKenzie Institute, USA, sanctioned provider of training and certification in the McKenzie Method of MDT in the US

Contact Info for Moving2Live:
Web: Moving2Live

Email: mov2liv@gmail.com

Twitter: @_mov2liv

Instagram: @_mov2liv


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