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FitLabPGH Podcast is doing something a little different this week. Instead of releasing a new podcast episode, we’re bringing you a video podcast…encouraging you to Share the Trail…Summer is (unofficially) here…if there could POSSIBLY be an upside to the pandemic, it’s that more people are getting outside and making movement part of their lifestyle…we want you ALL to enjoy movement on the trails…so today’s video podcast includes a few tips to help minimize the squabbling (on social media and in real life) between walkers, runners, and cyclists on the trails…
Tip 1: Share the Trail. The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) encouraged people to #ShareTheTrail before there were hashtags! Trails are not your private property…be a good neighbor…do your part to help all trail users have a positive experience.
Tip 2: Be aware of your surroundings…whether you’re walking or cycling, be alert, and be courteous to other trail users. If you want to listen to music…or to the FitLabPGH podcast…limit yourself to one earbud…or keep your ears open with AfterShokz Trekz headphones…and if you’re thinking about keeping your ears open by playing your music on speaker…resist the urge…please…share the trail, not your music.
Tip 3: Give warning (and space) when passing from behind. A friendly call out (or ring of a bell) prevents surprises…and giving space prevents collisions…if you’re riding in a group, please pass single file….and be aware of oncoming “traffic”…please don’t be the cyclist that causes walkers/runners to jump off the trail. Side note, if you’re being passed, please do your part to share the trail…keep right, and if you’re part of a group, close ranks or go single file. Tip 4: If you stop, step off the trail…with your bike…or stroller..or dog…or child. Take time to enjoy the scenery and wildlife…or to text pics to friends…but leave the trail clear for others.
For more healthy lifestyle ideas and inspiration, check out the FitLabPGH podcast – we release a new episode (almost) every Sunday.  See the website for subscription options, and check out the archives…with over 150 episodes (and counting) to choose from, they might lead you to your new favorite activity. Make a plan that includes movement and time for rest and recovery…do your best to stay safe…and wash your hands!
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