Video Podcast: Healthy Feet Help You Move More

This week’s release from FitLabPGH is a video podcast designed to help you step on the path to healthy, happy feet…because healthy feet help you move more. We’ve talked about healthy feet…and healthy footwear…before…and our sister podcast Moving2Live has several episodes worth checking out on the subject…including:
-Our 2-part interview with Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, Natural Podiatrist and inventor of CorrectToes (released 3/13/19 and 3/27/19)
-3 episodes featuring Dr. Samantha Wood, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS…physical therapist, ultra runner, Spartan competitor, and more (released 9/27/17, 10/11/17, and 7/17/19).
Check out the interviews at for useful foot health information. If you have foot pain or an injury, PLEASE consult a qualified professional…but if you’re just looking for some general foot health tips…we have a few for you in this video.
Tip 1: Be aware of your calluses….and find the balance between protection and pain. Too little callus…risk of blisters…too thick callus…risk of pain. A google search for “callus remover” will provide a plethora of DIY options…but use caution, and common sense, and consult a podiatrist if necessary.
Tip 2: Spend time barefoot…or in minimal footwear, like a pair of Bedrock Sandals.
Tip 3: Spread Your Toes. Tip 3(a): Consider Vibram Five Fingers…in moderation…to let toes work independently. Tip 3(b): Consider ToeSocks. Ben is a fan of the wool ToeSocks from Injinji. They let toes splay and work independently…and you can use them with your existing shoes. Tip 3(c): Consider CorrectToes…with or without shoes…over time, they may reverse the effects of cramped footwear.
Tip 4: Avoid uncomfortable shoes! For Ben, that means Altra Running shoes for longer trail runs/hikes…usually the Lone Peak or Timp…for shorter hikes, casual walking, and balance play, that means Carson Footwear. Ben is a Carson Footwear ambassador. Use coupon code CFA202018Ben for 15% off your purchase at Ben’s latest hack to his Carson Footwear shoes? The addition of their rock plate insert for a little more protection/stability on rocky trails.
Take home message: If your feet hurt, you’re not likely to move…so take steps toward healthy feet…but when you make changes, start small, go slowly, and listen to your body…and, as always, consult a professional as needed! We’ll be back next week with a micro workout for healthy feet. Until then, check out for podcasts, movement tips, and lifestyle hacks.
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