FitLabPGH Video Podcast – Apollo Neuro Review

This week’s FitLabPGH Podcast release is a video podcast offering Ben’s 1-month review of the Apollo Neuro, a “wearable wellness device for stress relief.” The Apollo Neuro, developed in Pittsburgh, uses touch therapy, felt as waves of vibration, to trigger a parasympathetic nervous system response. With consistent use, the Apollo Neuro may retrain the nervous system to manage stress more efficiently. The device may be used on the wrist or the ankle.
You can listen to the audio, but we think you’ll enjoy the video
For more on the science behind the device, and information on purchasing, visit Note: this is not a sponsored post. Ben purchased the product at retail price, and he has been using it for 1.5 – 3 hours a day for approximately a month.
Overall score: 4.75 out of 5 stars.  The only negatives for Ben: 1) the feeling of vibration on the leg reminds Ben of sciatic nerve symptoms, so he doesn’t want to try the ankle strap; and 2) neither Ben nor Puddin the Yellow Lab like the feeling of vibration while trying to sleep, so he hasn’t made use of the “Sleep and Renew” mode. Now, on to the positives. Ben is pleased with the battery life and the ease of charging the battery via a USB cord that comes with the device. When awake, the vibration on the wrist does not bother Ben.
The Apollo Neuro includes access to the Apollo Neuro App (Apple and Android), which offers 7 curated modes (patterns of vibration): Energy & Wake-Up; Social & Open; Clear & Focused; Rebuild & Recover; Meditation & Mindfulness; Relax & Unwind; Sleep & Renew. You choose the mode based on how you want to feel.
The results (as seen through the Oura Ring): Average nightly sleep has increased by 13 minutes. Resting heart rate is down by 2 beats per minute. HRV (heart rate variability) is up slightly (that’s a good thing). And morning readiness (according to the Oura Ring) is up by 5 points. Also, and this may be the power of suggestion…or the placebo effect…but Ben feels more focused after using the “Clear & Focused” pattern, and more energized after using the “Rebuild & Recover” pattern following a workout.
The Apollo Neuro is not cheap…but it DOES fall into the “making an investment in your health” category. Take home message: the Apollo Neuro is a another tool for Ben’s health toolbox…designed to improve stress management, allowing him to sleep better, perform better, and make movement part of his lifestyle.
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