Comfort Tips for Chilly Cycling – a Video Podcast

This week’s FitLabPGH Podcast release is a video podcast: Comfort Tips for Chilly Cycling.

Yes, Spring is coming, but in Western PA, there is still plenty of chilly weather ahead before we start talking about Summer Survival Tips. We encourage you to find movement activities you enjoy, then take steps so you can enjoy those activities year-round.

Listen to the audio, or watch the video below to check out Ben’s Tōwmak drop bar fat bike from Bearclaw Bicycle Co.

Our first tip for cold weather cycling: choose a route that’s out of the wind if possible. Our ideal cold-weather ride is in the woods…BUT if the trails are muddy, we stay clear to preserve future trail conditions.

Next tip: Keep your hands and feet warm. Ben uses flat pedals and wears mountain bike shoes (these are from Ride Concepts) on his fat bike in the winter; if he gets TOO cold, he can jog and push the bike! He wears wool socks and toe caps from Aero Tech Designs. For hands, Ben wears 45nrth insulated gloves for colder conditions, and swaps them for lighter gloves from Handup or Aero Tech Designs when he warms up. Side note: If it’s below 40 degrees, Lisa wears the warmest gloves that 45nrth makes. When it drops below 30 degrees, we put pogies (bar mitts) on the bikes for extra hand comfort.

Final tip: LAYERS, ideally wool layers. On the day of the video, Ben wore Pearl Izumi soft shell tights over Pearl Izumi bib shorts. On top, Ben wore a wool baselayer from Rapha; a wool jersey from Pearl Izumi; a vest; and the 45nrth Naughtvind cycling jacket (check out our review of the jacket, released 2-23-22).

Bonus tip: Don’t forget the head and neck! Ben likes the neck gaiters from Buff, and a Smartwool 2-layer wool hat under his bike helmet. Take home message: if you adapt your route, and dress for conditions, you can enjoy moving outside in rain, snow, or summer sun.

So get outside…and move more. Then visit for tips, hacks, and podcasts to help you keep moving throughout 2022.