FitLabPGH Rituals for a Sense of Normalcy

FitLabPGH Rituals for a Sense of Normalcy
In this stressful time of COVID-19, Stay-at-Home Orders, and Social Distancing, the FitLabPGH Podcast is doing something a little different today…we’re bringing you a video podcast with a few suggestions for creating rituals that help create a sense of normalcy and may help with stress management. Take home messages: 1) instead of focusing on what you CAN’T do, try focusing on what you CAN do to feel more joy in your life; and 2) as evidenced by the videography, try not to take yourself TOO seriously. Our tips are detailed below. Have any tips for creating a sense of calm and normalcy? Please share with us in the comments!
Give a listen to the audio, or check out the YouTube video
Tip 1: Create a morning ritual. FitLabPGH listeners know for Ben, his morning ritual is espresso. Other ideas: a cup of tea, a few minutes writing in a journal, watching the birds outside your window. Anything that makes you feel as if you’re starting off the day on the right foot.
Tip 2: Create a nightly gentle movement practice. You can call it a mobility routine, a stretching session, yoga, or spending time on the floor with dogs…the idea is to signal your body that it’s time for rest and recovery…to activate the parasympathetic nervous system…this MAY result in improved sleep quality and a higher EliteHRV “morning readiness” score
Tip 3: Take a mid-day moment of silence. Use noise cancelling headphones if necessary to find 5 minutes of quiet. Focus on your breathing and releasing stress from your body.
Tip 4: Add an activity to your movement toolbox that is relatively disruption-proof. Injury or illness can disrupt ANY movement activity, but strive to have something in your routine that resists outside disruption. Perhaps it’s a home yoga practice, or a suspension trainer in your garage, or a go-to bodyweight workout, or a walk in your backyard with the dogs. We’re fans of including time in nature under this tip, if you can do so safely. Basically, it’s good to have at least one way you can keep moving…whether your traveling…or trapped at home.
For more healthy lifestyle ideas and inspiration, check out the FitLabPGH podcast – we release a new episode (almost) every Sunday at and on Spotify and YouTube – see the website for subscription options, and check out the archives…with over 140 episodes (and counting) to choose from, they might lead you to your new favorite activity. Make a plan that includes movement and time for rest and recovery…do your best to stay safe…and wash your hands!
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