Movement is a Lifestyle Features 14:20 Mia and Puddin

Moving2Live is a podcast about movement and exercise for professionals and aficionados.  We also have Movement is a Lifestyle Features. Each week, we publish a brief highlight of a 2- or 4-legged mover…someone who understands that movement is a lifestyle…not just an activity.  The questions are lightly edited to allow for easy readability.  Click MIAL Features for more info if you want to be featured/know someone who should be featured.

This Week: Moving2Live’s Mia the Cat and Puddin the Yellow Lab

Where do you consider “Home”? Finleyville, PA…it’s South of Pittsburgh

What are your three favorite movement activities? Mia the White and Black Cat (M): Climbing the stall bars; Chasing the gray cat around the house; running up and down the stairs

Puddin the Yellow Lab (P): Wrestling with Maggie the Black Lab; sprinting laps around the back yard; hiking in the woods with my Staff (especially if there are fallen trees to jump over);

Describe the best vacation you’ve ever taken? Where did you go? What movement activities did you include? P: I’ve got this one. I’ve read about Staycations on the internet…that pretty much describes our lives…every day for the cats is like a day at the spa, and Maggie and I go on hikes, eat healthy food, and the Staff tends to our needs…it’s like living at a resort!

What is your favorite pre- or post-workout snack? M: I’m not picky…I enjoy all of the snacks the Staff provides…if I had to pick a favorite, I’d say the Itty Bitty Pumpkin dog treats

P: I agree with Mia; the dog treats are good, but my favorite snacks are plain Greek yogurt and blueberries

What is your favorite thing to eat? Note: it does not need to be healthy. M: This might sound weird, but I LOVE olive oil…I used to try to lick the bottle, but the Staff caught me, and now they keep it in a stainless-steel container that doesn’t have drips down the sides.

P: I just love food…but I’m going to go with canned pumpkin…

Do you have a movement activity on your “bucket list”? If not, what’s a movement activity/event you’re looking forward to in the next year? M: I’d like to perfect my dismount from the coat rack…I’m really good at climbing to the top, but sometimes I get stuck and have to ask the Staff to help me get down.

P: A winter hike with at least one stream crossing and several fallen trees.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to getting people to move more? M: I’m borrowing Gracie the Cat’s answer from last week. People seem to think movement needs to be scheduled, organized, and/or complicated. They need to learn that all you need to do is get off the bed and move…I get daily cardio and strength sessions, and I don’t ever leave the house.

P: I agree…except that I like to get outside…but movement doesn’t need to be complicated…just go for a walk!

What do you feel is the most adventurous movement activity you’ve ever done? M: It’s a tie between the first time I climbed the Stall bars and the time I climbed the highest coat rack and couldn’t figure out how to get down.

P: One of my first hikes with Maggie and the Staff in South Park. There was a huge tree blocking the path and we got to crawl through it!

What is your favorite recovery or self-care practice? M: I believe I speak for both of us when I say: NAPS…especially naps on the heating pad…naps curled up in a blanket, or naps in a sunny spot are also excellent.

What is your favorite spot within an hour of where you are currently living? (Bonus points if it is a “hidden gem”) M: Wrapped up in a fleece blanket that the Staff keeps in a laundry basket on top of the clothes dryer. It’s white and black like my fur, and sometimes the Staff doesn’t even see me when I’m in there.

P: The single-track trails in Mingo Creek Park. Sometimes I walk off to the side of the trail and pretend I’m a lone wolf (a lone wolf on a leash…but still a lone wolf)

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