FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 16:23 Be Present for Your Pets

Labrador Lesson for 4/14/23;

Be Present for Your Pets.

As Labradors, we’re happy anytime we get outside for a walk/run/hike…but we’ve noticed some humans don’t pay attention to their dogs when they’re in the park or on the trails. If you are more focused on your phone or your workout than your dogs, this message is for you. When you take us out for a movement session, that movement session is about our health and happiness. Stay alert. Be aware of dangers (things we can eat, wild animals, off-leash dogs, hot weather). Shorten our leashes, take breaks, or cut short the movement session as needed to keep us safe. Please. Thank you.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, you get more out of a movement session if you stay safe and healthy! And from what we can see, humans would get more benefit from moving if they turned off their devices and focused on being present.

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 7:23 Be Present

Labrador Lesson for 2-10-23:

Be Present.

As Labradors, we are not fans of multitasking…we live in the moment, and we’re fully “present” at all times…whether we’re wrestling in the living room, having zoomies in the backyard, hiking with our humans, chewing on sticks, or eating a meal…we enjoy each moment.

We understand that humans sometimes get tempted by the appeal of multitasking, perhaps listening to a podcast or having a conference call while taking a walk, or listening to an audiobook while working out at the gym, but we encourage you to take a tip from us…try staying fully focused on your current activity. Enjoy what you’re doing and focus on your environment, including your 2- or 4-legged companions. We suspect you’ll enjoy your activity more, and that you’ll be more relaxed when you finish if you stay present in the moment.