FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 40:22 Be Proactive About Your Health

Labrador Lesson for 10/6/22:

Be proactive about your health.

The Labs wanted to talk about being proactive about creating a healthy lifestyle. They asked Ben to help out with the lesson…check out the video…or just read along for the essentials. Get your annual exam and recommended shots from your vet/doctor. If you have a cut, sprain, or other injury, consult a qualified medical professional. Eat real food. Move on a regular basis. The Labs prefer moving on most days to longer, “crush it” movement sessions on the weekends. Take home message: keep it simple, but be proactive – eat real food; move more; and visit a medical professional when needed.

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FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 39:22 Dog Walk Essentials

Labrador Lesson for 9/29/22:

Dog Walk Essentials.

The Labs wanted to share the essentials for a safe, fun dog walk. They asked Ben to help out with the lesson…check out the video…or just read along for the essentials. The most essential element is an engaged human, who is focused on the dogs! After that, the labs suggest you include the following items: 1. A stylish collar (the labs like climbing rope). 2. A sturdy, colorful leash (again, climbing rope is great). 3. Snacks (depending on distance/duration). 4. Water (depending on temperature). 5. A First Aid Kit.

The Labs believe in making movement a lifestyle, so, whether you have 2 legs or 4, gather the essentials, get outside, and get moving.

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Moving2Live Presents Movement is a Lifestyle on PTCT7 – Show #8 – Frank Velasquez, Jr., ATC, CSCS

Our latest episode of Movement is a Lifestyle features Frank Velasquez, Jr., ATC, CSCS, Director of Sports Performance at Allegheny Health Network. As youth sports are in full swing for Fall, we sat down with Frank to discuss injury prevention, signs of overtraining, and strategies to help youth athletes improve performance without increasing the risk of injury or burnout. We also talked about how Allegheny Health Network Sports Medicine and Performance can help with injury prevention, training programs, and rehabilitation from injuries. We hope you enjoy this episode.

Moving2Live Presents Movement is a Lifestyle on PTCT7 – Show #7 – Larry Gioia, Side’aht Pickleball

On our most recent episode of the Movement is a Lifestyle show, we sat down with Larry Gioia, Founder and Head Instructor, of Side-art Pickleball, to talk about the explosive growth of pickleball in our region and and across the country!

We covered a lot of ground in our short time together! We talked about …
🏓 The history of the sport
🏓 What makes pickleball so approachable?
🏓 Innovation and evolution of the game
🏓 Some predictions as to what’s coming
🏓 The ‘why’ behind Side’aht Pickleball
🏓 Pickleball as a sport for ALL ages + abilities
🏓 Where Larry foresees the sport going in the future
If any of these topics interest you, we invite you to listen in!

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Moving2Live Presents Movement is a Lifestyle on PTCT7 – Show #6 – Meredith Wille, Steel City Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine


After a summer of logistical delays, we’re back with a new episodes of Movement is a Lifestyle on Peters Township Community Television – check out our conversation with Meredith Wille of Steel City Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine because Movement is a Lifestyle for those with 2 AND 4 legs! Steel City Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine offers rehabilitation programs for dogs with injuries, and healthy pet programs to help prevent injuries and maintain or improve your dog’s health. Check out the episode today!

Kate Baldwin, PhD, Physiotherapist and Exercise and Sport Scientist

Kate Baldwin (in her own words): Physiotherapist. Exercise and Sport Scientist. PhD examining strength training in long-distance triathletes. Created own physiotherapy and exercise clinic based on the philosophy that ‘movement is medicine’

Show Notes: Kate Baldwin, contact info:





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Don Moxley has been interviewed 3 times on the Moving2Live Podcast. His first interview was released in 2 parts on 4/4/18 and 4/18/18 (Train, Recover, Win & Ohio State University Wrestling); link to Part 1:

The second interview was released on 12-12-18 (Cannabinoids and Recovery); link:

The third interview was released on 12-16-20 (Longevity and Personal Mission Statement); link:

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Snacks That Keep Us Moving – FitLabPGH Video Podcast

This week’s FitLabPGH Podcast release is a video podcast providing a look inside the FitLabPGH Snack Bin. This is what WE use to fuel our 60-90+ minute movement sessions…primarily hiking, biking, and running. If you are looking for individual advice on nutrition and food choices, we STRONGLY encourage you to consult a registered dietician.

Listen to the audio, or enjoy the Labradors and cats in the video podcast.

What is Ben looking for in a movement snack? It should be able to be stored in a pocket or pack; it is approximately 100 calories; and it doesn’t upset his stomach. For Ben, that means no stevia, monk fruit extract, or sugar alcohols. Everyone’s body is different. Experiment to find what works for you. When in doubt? Consult a registered dietician. The goal is to get outside, enjoy moving, and avoid the dreaded mid-workout bonk/crash/insert your favorite term here.

So here’s the current inventory of our Snack Bin:

  • Baby food – pear, mango, spinach (Lisa has not endorsed this option)
  • Mini Clif Bars – chocolate chip or crunchy peanut butter
  • Whole Wheat Fig Bars from (individually wrapped for convenience)
  • Trail Mix – make your own, or head to Trader Joe’s
  • Sport Beans (Lisa’s favorite cycling snack). Want to save money? Buy Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • Honey Stinger mini waffles (warning: they may crumble in a pocket or pack)
  • Skratch Labs Energy Chews – Sour Cherry (2 “warnings” – they contain caffeine and they get sticky when temps get too warm)
  • Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars – vegan and whey protein options, many flavors, all “real food” ingredients
  • Infinit Nutrition Performance Coffee Cold Brew protein powder, a.k.a., protein for coffee lovers

Take home message: get outside, enjoy moving, and pack snacks to fuel your movement session. Even if you’re planning a fairly short session, be prepared…you never know when a hike or bike ride might become an outdoor adventure.

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Comfort Tips for Chilly Cycling – a Video Podcast

This week’s FitLabPGH Podcast release is a video podcast: Comfort Tips for Chilly Cycling.

Yes, Spring is coming, but in Western PA, there is still plenty of chilly weather ahead before we start talking about Summer Survival Tips. We encourage you to find movement activities you enjoy, then take steps so you can enjoy those activities year-round.

Listen to the audio, or watch the video below to check out Ben’s Tōwmak drop bar fat bike from Bearclaw Bicycle Co.

Our first tip for cold weather cycling: choose a route that’s out of the wind if possible. Our ideal cold-weather ride is in the woods…BUT if the trails are muddy, we stay clear to preserve future trail conditions.

Next tip: Keep your hands and feet warm. Ben uses flat pedals and wears mountain bike shoes (these are from Ride Concepts) on his fat bike in the winter; if he gets TOO cold, he can jog and push the bike! He wears wool socks and toe caps from Aero Tech Designs. For hands, Ben wears 45nrth insulated gloves for colder conditions, and swaps them for lighter gloves from Handup or Aero Tech Designs when he warms up. Side note: If it’s below 40 degrees, Lisa wears the warmest gloves that 45nrth makes. When it drops below 30 degrees, we put pogies (bar mitts) on the bikes for extra hand comfort.

Final tip: LAYERS, ideally wool layers. On the day of the video, Ben wore Pearl Izumi soft shell tights over Pearl Izumi bib shorts. On top, Ben wore a wool baselayer from Rapha; a wool jersey from Pearl Izumi; a vest; and the 45nrth Naughtvind cycling jacket (check out our review of the jacket, released 2-23-22).

Bonus tip: Don’t forget the head and neck! Ben likes the neck gaiters from Buff, and a Smartwool 2-layer wool hat under his bike helmet. Take home message: if you adapt your route, and dress for conditions, you can enjoy moving outside in rain, snow, or summer sun.

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Why We Leash the Labradors – a Video Podcast

This week’s FitLabPGH Podcast release is a video podcast: Why Do We Leash the Labradors?

People who follow FitLabPGH may wonder why the Labs are “always” leashed. First, we’ll note that the Labs spend the vast majority of their lives off leash, at home or in the fenced-in backyard. But if you see us in public, you’ll see Leashed Labradors. Here are the reasons why.

Listen to the audio, or watch the video below to see the Labs enjoyed a leashed hike.

#1 – It’s the law. If you see us on the Montour Trail, in Mingo Creek Park, or in South Park, we’ll be obeying the Leash Laws. We know, many people don’t…but we do.

#2 – We want to keep the Labs with us. Yes, they’re well-behaved dogs. No, they’re not immune to the temptation of sights and sounds of nature. Chasing a squirrel or rabbit could lead to a lost dog…or worse if the chase leads into the path of an oncoming car…

#3 – We want to keep the Labs safe. In addition to the risks covered by Reason #2, if the dogs stray even a little off the trail, they’re at increased risk of injury from technical terrain, from eating something they shouldn’t, or from an encounter with another animal.

#4 – To avoid being a jerk. Not every trail or park user wants a close encounter with a dog…even if that dog is a Labrador. And EVERY one should be able to get outside and enjoy moving in nature. So we leash the Labs, and shorten the leashes when we pass other people. Because it’s not ALL about us.

Take home message: we enjoy making movement part of our lifestyle, and part of the Labrador Lifestyle…and we want to continue moving safely with the Labs in the future.

So get outside…leash your dogs…be safe…and move more. Then visit for tips, hacks, and podcasts to help you keep moving throughout 2022.




Bearclaw Bicycle Co. Tōwmak Review – a Video Podcast

This week’s FitLabPGH Podcast release is a video podcast: Bearclaw Bicycle Co. Tōwmak Review

We encourage everyone to make movement a lifestyle…one of the ways we make movement a lifestyle is by obtaining the tools and toys to allow us to Move More year-round. Ben’s goal in purchasing the Tōwmak titanium drop-bar fat bike from Bearclaw Bicycle Co. was to get a bike that he could ride anywhere he’d ride a gravel bike…plus places he would be nervous to ride a gravel bike…also, he wanted a bike that would put a smile on his face. Specifically, he was looking for a bike to ride on farm roads, gravel roads, single-track trails, and horse trails (many of which have been torn up by the horses). We recorded this video after Ben spent 6 weeks with the Tōwmak; he likes it even more a month later.

Listen to the audio, or watch the video below to get a good look at the Tōwmak.


About the bike: The frame is the titanium Tōwmak frame from Bearclaw Bicycle Co. ( After speaking with Dustin at Bearclaw, Ben used to choose the correct frame size (55.5cm). For reference purposes: Ben’s Salsa Cycles bikes have 57cm frames. The drop-bar handlebars are the Redshift Kitchen Sink Handlebar. ( and the bar-end shifter is the GX 1×12 shifter from Gevenalle ( Ben contacted Mike Curiak of Lace Mine 29 ( to build the wheelset: Bontrager Jackalope 26” Fat Rims; DT Swiss Big Ride 6-bolt disc hubs; DT Swiss SuperComp triple butted spokes; and DT Swiss Prolock nips. Ben sourced the Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires, which are set up as tubeless. The fork is a titanium form from Bearclaw Bicycle Co. The saddle is a Brooks C15, which Ben uses on all of his bikes…because it’s comfortable. The top cap cage mount and the bottle cages are from King Cage ( made in the USA in Durango, CO. The brakes are Yokozuna Ultimo cable-activated hydraulic brakes…in part because they were available…in part because cables are a lot easier to repair in the middle of a bikepacking trip than hydraulic. Last, but not least, the flat pedals are the Catalyst Pedal from Pedaling Innovations, and are ready for winter riding in mtb shoes or boots. Come summer, Ben will switch to clipless pedals and Lake Cycling shoes.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a reliable bike that you can ride anywhere…with a smile on your face…the Tōwmak by Bearclaw Bicycle Co. may be the bike for you. It’s a gravel bike that you can ride like a mountain bike…and it’s forgiving if / when you pick a bad line. Most important: Ben loves to ride it.

Find tools (and toys) that allow you to just move…and to move more…year-round. Then visit for tips, hacks, and podcasts to help you keep moving throughout 2022.